Mad Hamburg

glimpses of the hansestadt, brought to you by K, of expatinschland. all photos original.

  1. Alster Canal ride, by the ice cream station.

    July, 2014

  2. Pfauenblau

    Free-Roaming Peacock at Hagenbeck’s Zoo

  3. No. 98

    Eppendorf, Hamburg

  4. du bist einzigartig

    Hamburg, Germany

  5. Robert

    U-Bahn Steinstraße, Hamburg, Germany

  6. Mach bisschen schneller, dann gehts nich so lang!

    Hafentreppe, St Pauli, Hamburg

  7. Admittedly not in Hamburg, but from a trip to Paris.

    Alternate view of the Eiffel Tower. 

  8. Steps leading up to the Hafenstraße, Sankt Pauli

  9. A sticker that made me chuckle spotted in Park Fiction.

    Summer, 2013

  10. Altstadt, Hamburg